Monday, 21 February 2011

My daughter finds knuckling down to do any schoolwork really hard.  So I could not believe how long she has  spent doing her art homework today.  Seeing  her drawing the Zentangles (this is her first attempt) made my fingers itch to get my pens out, instead I did some reverse stitching on Che.  The quilted background when  flipped  over, showed that the tension was incorrect.:0( I have also gave her boyfriend a cookery lesson, as he wanted to learn how to make Teabag Stew(Beef Carbonade)
Alistair Macleod gave a very interesting and amusing talk to our EG meeting tonight.  I must go and visit the Hand and Lock premises when I am next in London.


dianehobbit said...

I have recently bought a book on Zentangles and can't wait to get drawing! Glad Kezzy had fun, she has your creative flair in the making!

Jill said...

There is nothing like a good zentangling session - looks as if your daughter's hooked!