Saturday, 12 February 2011

Art Van Go

 Today was an early start to get to Art Van Go for the Open Day, as it was the first Saturday since our exhibition opened.  My sheer flower panels were hung against black glass, and this really made the colours zing.

 Some more of my work on display.  Below is just a taster of what else you can see is you can get to Knebworth.
 This was Margaret's work, inspired by Brighton Pavilion.
Chris loves St Ives and spends her holidays there beach combing.  She used all the bits she has collected over the years to make her fish on a background of handmade felt.
 Sheila was inspired by a visit to London.
Just a small picture of Nickie's hanging, it is so long that I could not get a full length picture of it.  Her piece is inspired by the poem 'Jonathan Seagull'.  There is more to see but Blogger wouldn't let me upload any more for some reason.
After I got home, I started painting a bit more of my foreground for Che.  It has now been decided by Rhodri, that he would like it bigger.  Back to square 1.


Julie said...

Thanks for sharing the exhibition Sharne, it looks fabulous.

Sarah at Finishing Touch Interiors said...

Some fabulous pieces hope you had a good day

Miriam said...

This looks like a very interesting exhibition. Unfortunately I live to far away, otherwise I should like to visit the exhibition.

Anonymous said...

It looks fabulous Sharne. I especially like your flower wall hangings...beautiful colours.

Miriam Weaver said...

The work looks fantastic!
Comment from another Miriam xx

dianehobbit said...

A wonderful exhibition, it was a real treat to see the work in the flesh.

Lynda Howells said...

It is a pity l was there the week before your exhibitionx...what a great venue. I had never been before but will be visiting againx your Art looks amazingxxlynda

Lynda Howells said...

I went to this shop /gallery unfortuntly the week before your Exhibition. Your Art looks fantasticx Wish l could have seen it in the "real".x
I had never been to the shop before..what a great store and gallery spare. Also the staff were amazing.xlynda