Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Che continued.

I was not happy with Che's face after washing out the water soluble film, even though I had stitched it in a frame, the Egyptian cotton had wrinkled and he was going to need Botox.  So now I am trying Evolon.  I have traced straight onto the fabric and so far the stitching is not puckering. (fingers and everything else crossed!)
Kezzy in the meantime has been dong yet MORE art homework.  After making a sample page yesterday in her sketchbook, she is now transferring the patterns that she likes onto her scraffitti.
She is still working on it as I type at nearly Midnight!


dianehobbit said...

Whatever is making her work you must be so pleased. The work is good, let's hope her art teacher appreciates her hard work. Better late than never!

JP said...

clever girl just like her lovely mum