Saturday, 5 February 2011

Another house guest!

Skye has been to stay with us this weekend on a trial, with view to looking after her for three weeks for her owner.  Although she has a lovely nature and is very docile, I cant cope with my house smelling of dog!  Luckily we have managed to fins someone else to look after her for the necessary three weeks.  Now where's the air freshener????


The Happy Apple said...

Aw! Dogs pong. Especially when wet and old! Some people don't seem to notice, but I found our old mutt quite disgusting (smell wise) so sympathise. Wouldn't have swapped him for the world though!

Jensters said...

Lovely looking dog Sharne,yes they do make the house smell but i try to keep mine refreshed....and i would put up with it as i love my dog so they give unconditional love xx