Saturday, 19 February 2011

Challenge continued.

 I am really enjoying the Calendar Challenge, so much so, that I just had to finish making my pages for March.
Hubby has been keeping himself busy- painting all these little lead figures for his model layout.
I have put a penny coin there, for you to see how tiny the figures are.  This cat is painted to look like our cat Jack. 
As it has been such a wet day, I have been busy cooking- bread pudding, fruit Charlotte, and Shepherds Pie, (A rare offering in my house!  Hubby usually only gets Shepherds Pie when we go to my Mothers as I hate making it!)


dianehobbit said...

You spoil your family and put the rest of us (except Gina) to shame!

Miriam Weaver said...

Not many cakes made here anymore, but shepards and cottage pie is a regular on the menu. It's one of my favourites!!!!

Jill said...

Love your March colours - spring is bursting forth - and the home baking is making hungry!