Friday, 19 December 2008

Nickies again!

Last night was spent putting together some books. Nickie cutting and I was binding.

I have had my Bind-It some time, and had only made one book, the guest book for the Schoolhouse Arts exhibition in April. It really does go through the grey board and paper easily.We then started to make some 'buttons' to go on the front of the books, these have got to have additional colours added and we will attach them next week. I have put an eyelet in the back cover through which machined gold cords will be threaded and stitched as part of the closure.
These are the books so far, we both need to make LOADS of papers for the remaining covers.

Today Kezzy and I had to visit her father in Colchester hospital, on the way we went to Doctor Bernina a.k.a Martin Woods, what a lovely man, he got my machine working quietly within a very short space of time. The canvas above, is what I made for Kezzy to give to her father for Christmas. I started it last night by painting it with gesso, followed by a sky blue acrylic. When dry, I then covered it all over with white acrylic, but rubbed it off while still wet to reveal the blue but now its misty. This morning I carried on playing. Alcohol inks were applied to the plastic letter tiles, green acrylic was dry brushed around the edges to echo the green flower in the bikini, when dry this was over stamped randomly with turquoise ink and a Paper Artsy swirls stamp. It was then just a matter of putting it all together. The final touch, was a ribbon round the frame. ( The photos I used for the canvas were the last photos I took of Malc and Kezzy, before he became unwell)

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