Thursday, 18 December 2008

I have managed to upload some pictures today. The first one is the completed wall hanging. The colours are the same as in the photo that I was working from,but the lighting has affected the colours. Cotton fabric dyed. Rough guide lines were drawn on with a soft pencil. Areas painted with fabric paint. free machined and the Markals applied on top. Fibres were applied using my embellisher. Lots of free machine and hand stitching to get the shading on the water.

The Guild is having an exhibition in Chelmsford library with the theme- seasons. I have taken some photo's over the last couple of days to get some inspiration.
Friday morning-frosty!
Tuesday morning- foggy!

Wednesday afternoon-sunny and fresh!

This is Sue Cranwell who came to our Guild on Monday.

Nickie was lucky enough to win this pair of earrings made by Sue, in the raffle.

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