Wednesday, 10 December 2008


I have had two evenings playing- fantastic! Just what the doctor ordered! Work is all a bit fraught at the moment. All the T.A's are being moved around as we are top heavy with staff in the Kindergarten and the Juniors need more help. I have such a good team working with me at the moment and don't want to loose anyone, but I don't have a say in who is going to be in my class after Christmas. We got outstanding in all three areas in our OFSTED inspection in July with this team, and we have another inspection due next year.
Monday was our monthly get together to do our scrap booking.
I do this with my oldest daughter and it is lovely to have a common interest, she is not into stitching in any shape or form.
I was going to make a scrapbook for my mother's Christmas
present, but maybe it will be for next Christmas!
Last night it was round to Nickie's to start making books to sell to raise funds for the Fen Edge Textiles exhibition. We are using
brown paper to make the covers which have been patterned and painted.
Papers for the pages were cut up and coloured ala 'Francis Pickering'. We
shall do some more work on the books tomorrow night, as I managed to escape from work a bit earlier than normal to get some grey board from Hobbycraft. Off to colour more pages with tea now so it will be dry in time.

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Denise said...

Hi Sharne, just to let you know that I have greyboard in stock next time you need any.

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