Saturday, 23 September 2017


 Guitar finished.

 Cigarette made.

 Managed to find a peace badge small enough to go on her afghan coat.
Project finished.
Now to finish the hare.
 I have also done a bit of baking, chocolate fudge brownies with white chocolate for a McMillan coffee morning........
 Rocky road for two little boys birthday party........
 Today we were going to Mersea to meet up with some of Kezia's relatives who we have not seen for a long time so I made Limoncello mousse (Gino's recipe)......
 Plus a fresh fruit brulee.
 We needed to get some fresh air and to walk off our lunch lunch, so went along the beach, so many jellyfish have been washed up!


Diane Kelsey said...

Your dolls really are amazing, the attention to detail is perfect.

Gina said...

I love all the attention to detail in the doll. It's fabulous! I haven't made any dolls for ages.