Saturday, 16 September 2017

And bake!!

Such a busy week!!  Last Friday night I was out celebrating a friends party until 2 a.m. Great live band that had us all dancing.  Sunday an early start to go to Euro Finals at Santa Pod. Long before I met my husband he used to spend many weekends here, working in a team on his friends drag racing car  . We now try and go every September to this event, it is so exciting!  We had seats right by the starting line, and as the cars raced off you could feel the power of the engines through your body. the speeds they reach are phenomenal! Although I was wearing ear defenders, I still felt on Monday at work I was talking a lot louder than usual.

 Loved the artwork on this van
 Unfortunately the rain stopped the racing early, as it is far too dangerous to race on a damp strip.

 Jet engine car and bus. This is the first time I have seen the jet bus.
I have been busy baking again this week. Tuesday night I made Hummingbird Bundt cake, I iced it on Wednesday after work.
 Thursday needed me to make Caramac cheesecake's and Malteser slice for my daughter to take to Birmingham when she visited a friend for a picnic on top of the Malvern Hills.

 Gina blogged last week about a challenge she is doing, trying new recipes from a cookbook on her shelf.  I love to try new recipes but I tend to prefer to make a  cake or dessert. So this week I tried two new savoury recipes out, sweet potato and red onion fritata (Internet recipe) and Vietnamese cod, prawn and coconut curry (Asda magazine recipe). I will be making both again.
 I have two projects on the go at the moment, first of all  I have started work on a guitar for my hippie doll. made from balsa wood and grey-board, a little filler around the edges and a coat of gesso before painting.
Project number two, is a hare. When I was on a steam train a couple of weeks ago in the Lake District I saw one , the first I have seen for a long time. I hope to start stuffing him this weekend.

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Gina said...

Both those recipes sound delicious... but your sweet treats sound tempting too! I'm really impressed with your model guitar... such a beautiful shape.