Saturday, 9 September 2017

And now for the jester and more.

I was going to try and take photos of the various stages I went through to create my doll, but once I get creating, stopping to take photos just doesn't happen.

 Although I was supposed to be using the pattern that Ray supplied, because I got inspired I had to adapt/make all patterns I needed for my doll (apart from the head) as her shape would not have been right. 

She has now got suspenders to hold he stockings up.

I tried black hair on her first but didn't like it so had to send away for a large piece of Tibetan lambskin.  I made several 'wigs' in felt  to try on her for size before making the real one. My fingers were very sore after stitching it together and then stitching it on her head,

Although it doesn't show in the photo, her hat was made with a cotton fabric that had a little sparkle in it.  I have had the pack of cards in my playroom for years, they were in a Christmas cracker, just waiting for the right project to use them in. The cog button I got from Craft Arena and re-painted.

My daughter thinks she has the look of Christina Aguilera from the film 'Moulin Rouge' about her. 
I learnt so much making this doll, and as always feel sad when they are finished but there is the excitement of what to make next.

She is residing at the moment in my dining room.

My doll was finished in time for me to take to the July meeting of Doll club, where we put all the dolls together to take a group photo.
The doll I started at this meeting was from a pattern I bought off the Internet, 'Anya Baba, The Traveler Doll' by  Angela Jarecki. She is the first stump doll I have ever made, and the pattern contained some different techniques in over 100 pages of instructions.
Me, being me, I have put my own twist to the doll.
I have made her a hippy, hence the Afghan coat.   Instead of her walking pole, I am going to try and make her a guitar!!! watch this space.
Her hair came from an Afro/ Caribbean hair shop in Ridley Road market.
As I mentioned in my last blog, I crochet most evenings in an attempt to unwind,  I managed to complete this blanket when I stayed with my mother.  As one project finishes it is on with the next....

The pattern is called Namaqualand by Dedri Uys. I have yet again, done my own thing!

It seems to have been a long time since I did anything with molding paste, so to that end, I created a cover for my school planner, lots of fun.

Just had to finish with a picture of my hanging basket. It's spread is over 24" wide, trails to the ground and has flowered all summer long.

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Diane Kelsey said...

Such a busy summer, producing some wonderful pieces of work, Sharne. You really are inspirational with your doll making.