Sunday, 19 May 2013

Sundial continued.

Here is a better photo of my sundial than the one I posted last night.  This evening, I started making the panels to go on the sides of  the plinth.  I am using the same stencil as the one I used for my peacock shrine, so my work will link together.  It will take a couple of evenings to complete the panel, as it is only a small stencil and I have wait for the molding paste to dry between each application until I have the correct length.
As the weather was quite good I have been out in the garden, weeding and sewing seeds.  I just had to take another photo of my tree paeony, very Georgia  O Keefe.
 We have had a Venus Fly Trap plant in our pond for at least three years and this is the first year it has had a bloom on it, I didn't know they flowered.


Diane Kelsey said...

The peony is amazing!

Lin said...

Such a lot ot comment on! Amalesh is lovely and what a super name. And I love the idea of the sundial - it is looking great as are your paeonys. So fortunate to have some good weather - we are still in winter woollies and lit a fire last night!

Anonymous said...

I love the pattern for the plinth and the sundial looks amazing - so convincingly old!