Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Bank holiday weekend.

My weekend started with F.E.T.  It was lovely to see everyone and catch up.  Pauline got us making organic shapes with wire and stitching them by hand or machine, could be a handy technique for using in my 3d work.   While I was in Cambridge, hubby cut the lawns, and it was such a lovely evening, I would have liked to sit and admire the view with a cold glass of something. 
(Just had to take yet another photo of my tree paeony, the petals will be falling any day now.)
So, instead of sitting in the garden, we drove down to Buckingham to spend what was left of the Bank holiday with Mum.
I have been telling Mum about my Sugar Lump Fairy that I made, and she wanted to see her.S.L.F will now be staying with Mum for a long holiday.
 The weather was so good (for a change), that I was able explore the garden taking lots of photos.  I also heard and saw lots of bees especially on the apple blossom.  

Helping Mum with some jobs in the garden, meant that I didn't that much sewing done. These are the panels to go on the side of the sundial.  I need to finish this in time for our next F.E.T exhibition which will be in Wisbech in July.


laurajane said...

Lovely pics of the garden.Im not suprised mum wanted to keep the fairy,she's gorgeous.x

Lin said...

Your Mother has a stunning garden!

Julie said...

What a beautiful garden! And SLF is fabulous too!

Anonymous said...

The garden is gorgeous and that close up of the tree peony is stunning! Looking forward to seeing the panels go on the sundial.

Margaret Cooter said...

Bees on the apple blossom - we're so much more aware of bees now, which is good. We have a lot of self-seeded aquilegia in the garden, and they love that too.