Friday 3 May 2013

And a few more.

 Another week of the Claire's challenge over, twenty one squares finished,giving me a total of ninety six squares.  I am making twenty of each of the different colour combinations to see how big a throw this will make.  Mind you, I am enjoying this challenge so much, I might just keep on hooking until the wool runs out.
 This morning, before going to work, after completing my chores, I took my cup of coffee and my crochet outside and sat by my pond for ten minutes.  It was so lovely to listen to the sound of the water fall and birds singing, that it was a job to go in to work.
As the sun was still warm this evening, we had our first meal on the deck watching the sunset- a lovely way to end the week.


Diane Kelsey said...

Nothing beats it! As for keeping going until the wool run out, that could be a good option.

Margaret Cooter said...

This could get be a very big throw...