Saturday, 18 May 2013


Before going to help at Young Embroiderers' this morning, I popped into my playroom to give my sundial a second coat of paint. 
The girls worked hard and their sewing ability has really developed, so much so, that they didn't need much help from me.
This evening I applied a third coat of paint and then sprayed it with aging solution, and when it had dried, it had a well weathered look.  I am not sure this photo shows off the green patina very well.  I have to decide now how to embellish the sides of the plinth, I shall have to sleep on it.  I have come up with a name for my white peacock, it is Amalesh.  It is Indian and means 'the pure one', as he is pure white, it seems appropriate.
I am still crocheting my granny squares even though the challenge is over, I managed to complete another 21 squares this week.   

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