Saturday, 6 June 2009

Shopping spree

As it has been some time since I bought any new books and I had a very, very, very small rebate from the tax man, I hot footed it over to Craft Arena (no allegiance) to spend it on 'Inspired to Quilt' and 'Freestyle Machine Embroidery'. As usual, Denise shows me all the new stock that has arrived since my last visit. I just had to but these three reels of braid, just what I need for the bag I am working on at the moment. AND I just had to have the peacock woodblock, and Quilting Arts has an article by Jackie, a fellow blogger.I pass this tree on the way to and from the shop and at this time of the year it is alive with silk worms-(unfortunately the wind kept blowing and that fuzzy blob is one of the many worms)The tree is covered in their silken webs.I then went to Primark for my usual scout around for bits I can customise and found this lovely necklace, as it was broken I got it at a reduced price, a job for Kezzy sorting those beads to colour.This is what I have been working on the last couple of night's. One of the girls in work saw the fabric cuff I made last weekend and asked me to make one for her in blue, just need to bead the edges now

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Jackie said...

Hi Sharne
I hope you enjoyed the article.
I have been having a good read of your blog and found it really interesting. You certainlt get around in the pursuit of embroidery.