Saturday, 13 June 2009

CHAT and C&G's exhibitions

Thaxted is a very quaint village that I love to visit, a lovely old church, it has lots of different pargetting patterns on the houses,
and a windmill. As Nickie and I arrived before the exhibition was open, I took Nickie to see it. It is open in the afternoons, but we just couldn't resist the chance to take yet more photo's.

This cottage had a real old English garden.-roses and honeysuckle.
Then it was onto the Guildhall to see the exhibition. We were the first ones through the door
Christina ( one of our members from the Guild is part of this group) welcomed us with a glass of wine as it is the opening weekend.
I am so glad that we got to the exhibition, as we missed it last year. I can't post any pictures, as we weren't allowed to take any. I did buy the 2 packs of photos to remind me of the wonderful work though. We might also have found another member for our Guild, one of the visitors was looking for a guild to join and Christina introduced her to us, she hopes to make it to the meeting on Monday-Myfanwy Hart!!!
We then headed for Harlow to see the C&G's work, Denise from Craft Arena ( and another member of our Guild)is doing her part 2 here. I could see the influence of her holiday to Egypt in her work. I forgot to take any photo's, not even sure if it was allowed. We didn't stay here for long as we still had a quilt show to see, but on checking the Sat Nav as we were heading out of Harlow, we realised that it was up near Thaxted and we should have done that show on the way to Harlow. As time was running out we decided to head for home so that Nickie could stay in her families good books.
As you can tell by my posting my blog I am still not doing the dreaded reports- we have had problems with our electricity tonight. We had an electrician in to wire up the shed, and the fuse box kept tripping. By the time hubby sorted it out, it was far too late to write my reports. Thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it! Kezzy has had to postpone making another sock monkey, again, due to the electricity problems, she hopes to start it tomorrow.

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