Tuesday, 24 March 2009


Ten yards from home last night, my car was attacked by my soon to be new neighbour. Luckily my daughter and I were not hurt, just shaken. He admitted that he just didn't see me. I hope to get it repaired in the school holiday, as it means I will have a couple of days without being able to go out- Yipheee!!!!!

In preparation for the rust workshop with Myfanwy in July, I have managed to get some unwanted rusty items from school. The caretakers were very helpful, I should get some interesting patterns.
Last night I was round at Nickie's, she has a workshop on Saturday at Schoolhouse Arts and I am her 'gofer'. The workshop is on image transfer. We had lots of fun experimenting

My new piece for Sutton Hoo has now been machine stitched and I have started on the hand stitching.

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