Sunday, 29 March 2009


After a 'quick!!!' dash to Craft Arena to get some more Hemingworth threads, pewter Treasure Gold and the new Quilting Arts magazine, I was able to spend a bit of time on my sewing machine sampling and working out how I am going to make my map to go in my scroll. I had bought some viliene called Evalon some time ago from Craft Arena but as usual had not got round to using it. After trying Abaca tissue and Lutrador the Evalon is the one I shall use. A light but dense fabric which will hide the stitching from the front cover when it is joined together. I dyed the Evalon in tea ( M & S strong teabags) and then machine stitched it. Now to do the map for real. I will post pics when it is stitched( fingers crossed it goes to plan).

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Purple Missus said...

Hi Sharne
Couldn't find an email for you so have had to write here.
Is it the Chelmsford EG you belong to? I have often thought about joining - a bit of a trek from here but the Colchester one is on a weekday so that's no good.
Clicked on 'Craft Arean' and have just signed up for their newsletter - I didn't know about them before so thats very helpful.
Take care