Saturday, 16 March 2013

Making slow progress.

As you can see the pot has changed a fair bit from my last photo.  I had an idea in the night for changing the shape of the vessel by making mini coils, so at the first chance I had, I had a go, and liked it.  Then I decided it needed a lid with a knob.  It was then ready for colouring, and I decided to paint it rather than dyeing, was far too impatiant.  My intention was that it would have been finished by the beginning of this week BUT, I've had parents evening then reports but what has really stopped the stitching has been a chest infection that I have been fighting for a month.  I gave in and went to the doctors, so now hopefully with this 2nd course of medication, I will soon be back sewing.  I haven't even gone to Ally Pally!
Work on the 3rd peacock has been delayed too, but Easter holidays are coming up, so watch this space.


Wendy said...

another great pot, I envy your ability to get the pot to go inwards - I can only manage outies

Lin said...

Yes it has changed rather! Hope you will soon be feeling better.