Thursday, 28 March 2013

Happy Easter!

I have started making the tail feathers now for Peacock number three, as I am away at my mothers for Easter, I will not be making anymore until next week. The feathers are fms on sheers and then cut out with a soldering iron, surprising how long each feather takes to make. 
Instead of taking my mother an Easter Egg, I have made her a sweet tree with her favourite sweets.
These Lillie's were bought for me by my hubby, when I was signed off for a week because of my chest infection and high blood pressure.  Two weeks later, they have now bloomed and my lounge smells lovely.


Julie said...

Have a Happy Easter Sharne. I love your idea of a sweetie tree!

Lin said...

Hello Sharne - those tail feathers are amazing. I have zoomed in on them and they are gorgeous. Have a lovely Easter weekend away.

Anonymous said...

Those tail feathers are amazing, close up! No wonder they took so long to do.