Saturday, 2 March 2013

A creative Saturday.

Today I helped at Young Embroiderers'.   The first time in quite a long while, that I have been able to help out. Various events have clashed with the YE meetings, so  it was nice to be able to get there today.
 They made fabric flowers to give to their Mothers next Sunday.  Here is a little posy in progress, they all did so well and their will be some very happy mums. ( More photos on Chelmsford Embroiderers Guild fb page).
When I got home, I got out my paintbrush and attacked my fabric vessel with it.  I decided not to dye it, but rather to complete it so that I can get on with my peacock, which at the moment looks like a road kill victim.  So while the paint is drying I am going to stuff the bird

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Gina said...

We often seem to be doing YE at the same time. It looks like your girls made some lovely flowers too!