Friday, 20 January 2012

And yet another book

This is the final book for the time being.  I am demoing at T.I.F next month, but this book wont be going with me, as it is a present for a little girl.
Craft vilene  painted with acrylic paint,  images adhered with mat medium,then hand stitching and embellishing.
The pages inside have been painted ala Frances Pickering.
Bound into a book on my Bind-It-All.  Shrink plastic butterfly for  further embellishment.  Just needs to be flattened with a few books before I can give it away.

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Louise Murphy said...

Just wanted to say fab book. I did have a chuckle just now when I looked at your profile - reason being is that I to am a Early Years Teacher in New Zealand, but the funny bit is I emigrated from Stanford-le-hope, just down the road from you. It's such a small world. Its great here but I do miss King George's Park. Such a cool place, many happy memories. I look forward to chatting sometime. Have an awesome day - I love saying that....ha ha ha.