Thursday, 9 June 2011


Why is it taking so long for Blogger to sort out the problem of leaving comments on some blogs?? Soo frustrating, you write a comment, blogger sends you back to sign in again, you do, back to the comment box and word verification and guess what?? back to signing in again!!!


Purple Missus said...

Doreen at 'Creative Meanderings' has put this bit on her blog as she has been having the same problem.
"When you sign in to your
google account, uncheck the
stay signed in button"
Hope this helps. :)

Beverley said...

Sharne, there are at least a couple of issues with blogger. Internet Explorer 9 isn't compatible, and fouls things up something rotten. (It mucked up my blog and also emails and various other things, instant fix when it was removed). And the sign in issue there is a fix - empty your cache. I Googled how to do it for me, (AOL) and ever since worked fine. There's a Help page re blogger, with fixes found by users, have a search.

Gina said...

I've also found that unclicking the "stay signed in button" works too... although goodness knows why!

Anneliese said...

Wow, I am having the same problem with some blogs - and with my comments. Annoying ! But as Purple Missus and Gina say, to uncheck the "stay signed-in button" helps. Anyway it is not logical.

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