Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Some hand stitching at last!

I have at last managed to finish machine stitching the background.  All that it left to stitch now is the phrase.  The translation is:-
' Wherever death surprises us, it will be well received as long as our battle cry is heard'.
It will not have a binding attatched, as my son Rhodri, intends having it framed.
The update on my run in with Orange is after spending nearly one hour on the phone to my bank, my money which they were unathorised to take, has been given back to me!! I dont know what it has cost me in regards to the phone calls and visits to the bank.
My problem with Ebay has also been sorted, just need Mitch's Social Worker to help me sort out the problem I have with his gas bill from when he had his own flatl.  They want to charge him for the previous tennant and for 3 months after he moved out.   I seem to be spending valuble creating time, on the phone at the moment and not in my playroom!


Laura said...

This piece of art is amazing, i love it. Damn companies i hate having to spend all my time on the phone chashing and sorting things out too

Dawn said...

Oh this is really good my hubby like all the Che stuff. And your detail is amazing.

Love Dawn xx