Sunday, 15 May 2011

I have now completed and passed my on line Food Hygiene and Safety Course, which means that I can now get back to some stitching this coming week. 
Our Regional Day is now six weeks way, we had another meeting Wednesday and everything seems to be falling into place.
I don't know why, but Thursday and Friday night I was just too tired to do any sewing. ;0(

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Miriam Weaver said...

I've been away for 7 days and you've done so much! Congratulations to your Grandson, Love Che it's brilliant, your son is right it does deserve a lovely frame. Hope Mitch has some luck with his job.
Companies drive me nuts, got home from holiday to a gas bill for 17 days for Mums house when it should have gone to the new owners, completely unnecessary and a waste of my time!
Congratulations on passing your course. Why did you have to take a Food Hygiene and Safety course, do you prepare food? I took that course years ago the only time I've ever got 100% in an exam!