Thursday, 9 December 2010

Unwelcome guest.

Twenty feet from my kitchen window, I have a pond with Koi Carp in.  Some I have had for 15 years and are getting on for eighteen inches in length.  The last two mornings, a Heron has visited my pond.  Half of me wants to let him stand there while I take photo's as it is the closest I have ever been to one, but I have to send him on his way, picture-less, to save my fish.  I'll be on guard duty again this morning, before taking Kezzy to the hospital for her Orthodontic appointment.

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artymess said...

yes i had a similar experience with a heron but the darned bird took all my fish ....big Koi and massive ghost carp ......don't know how such a skinny bird could eat such big plump fish ....i would get a net over it because once they know theres fish there for easy picking they will take them all ......x