Sunday, 12 December 2010

It was a family affair dressing the tree today, I have never had so much help before!  When I looked out of  my playroom window tonight, I could see that everyone else has also been busy getting in the festive mood.  Tomorrow night we have Rebecca Spragge coming to give a talk at our Embroiderers' Guild.  Her talk is on
Wearable Art and Costumes.
Here is the blurb from our Branch newsletter about her:-
'Rebecca originally trained in the theatre and now makes bridal wear and evening wear to order. She specialises in traditionally boned corsets and uses a combination of exotic fabrics and embroidery to create exclusive designs. Rebecca has exhibited at the V&A and Harrods. Her corsets are works of art.'
Should be a very good evening, visitors are welcome if you live near Chelmsford.


Diane Kelsey said...
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Diane Kelsey said...

Your tree looks lovely. We have an artificial tree because of the dog. I have assembled the tree but no decorations yet. He chewed a few berries on Sat night but has left it alone today. So I might start to decorate it tomorrow.

Kayla coo said...

Lovely tree and I hope you enjoyed your talk.