Saturday, 4 December 2010

 Late this afternoon, due to the snow starting to melt, I started the Christmas shopping as I cant ignore the fact that Christmas is fast approaching.  I didn't get as much done as I had hoped as Kezzy was asked to babysit so had to cut the shopping trip short.  I did mange to get 2 very noisy dinosaurs for my Grandsons-my daughter will love me LOL!!
 I also found these stencils (very good value, 2 in a pack) in 'The Works' and just a few more beads and buttons.(Sorry photo's are a bit dark)
I have taken part in the Butterfly Effect and sent off 2 butterflies a few weeks ago, and tonight I had an email from Trudi to say I had won the book ' I Never Saw Another Butterfly' she was giving away:0)


JP said...

love the look of those stencils - off to the Works in the morning - hope you are well - love wearing my heart brooch

artymess said...

Yup I'm off to the Works tomorrow too ....hey Sharne you should get some freebies from the Works for advertising their merchandise !!!

Jensters said...

Wonderful stencils Sharne....shall pop in Works if we still have one!!! lol