Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Jennifer Hughes, Protected Heads & Bound Feet.

What a great talk on Monday by Jennifer Hughes, if I had had this talk a few months ago, I would have been inspired to use this as starting point for a project.
 Jennifer had been lucky enough to live in China for a few years and while there started to collect the shoes and hats,
 These shoes were worn by adults, I have put a fifty pence coin by the shoes so you can see how small they are, no wonder the ladies couldn't walk.

The symbols on the hats and shoes have meanings far too many for me to remember, but fish and tigers are a reoccurring theme, the fish to represent plenty and the tiger to frighten bad spirits.

I have only got a few photos , but as you can see how many Jennifer bought along to show us.
One hat Jennifer bought, would have been ideal for wearing when I am on playground duty in the winter, wish I had taken a photo of it. 

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