Saturday, 12 November 2011


This  UFO has been sitting over the door to my play room for a few years, well actually, when I started to think about it, it was pre C&G days which I think makes it approximately 8 years.  I was using this quilt to teach myself foundation piecing and practice maching quilting.  Well, to cut a story short, I have found someone who would like it.
I need to finish stitching the binding down and loose ends in.  The snowflakes are part embellished, but as there is a young child that visits the house,  I amwaiting to hear whether I am to finish the beading the remaining snowflakes.  Bugle beads can wear through thread with time, I don't want the beads being eaten by a hungry toddler.I must admit I do like the beads on it, just finishes it off I think.


dianehobbit said...

One lucky person!

sonia hajji said...

very beautiful

Anonymous said...

It's a lovely quilt and that slight glitter of the beads is beautifully frosty.