Monday, 21 November 2011

Jae Maries.

We have 75 members now at our Branch and I think they must have all turned up tonight to hear Jae Maries, the room was buzzing!!
 Jae showed us samples of her work and then a slide show of work by many varied artists showing how stitch had been used in their work.  Jae will be back in Chelmsford on Saturday, as she is doing a workshop for our Branch.  Unfortunately, I couldn't get a place and was on the reserve list.   Tonight a place  became available but I have now made other arrangements to go out for the day  :0(  I shall have to see what everyone has created at our next meeting.

First of all, there was sock monkey, now, glove dog.  My' Blue Peter one I made earlier' for the January meeting of YE.  It cost 50p for the pair of gloves, thank you Primark, and everything else, I already had in my playroom.


not2complain said...

sewing is great...can't do it now...but used to love it! great blog ...good luck on your quilts!

dianehobbit said...

Need to make my dog and a pig! They are such fun, I love making sock monkeys.


Looks like a wonderful time. The dog is so cute!