Tuesday, 16 August 2011

 I thought it was about time I tried to do something creative.  So having finished all my chores, it was time to play.  First I wanted to try some sun printing, and although I put this in front of the window with a daylight bulb shining on it, it did not leave a mark!  :(   I will have to try this again on a very sunny day.
 I have signed up to do ALQS 6, so I have tray- dyed some fabric in 3 shades of blue, just waiting for it to 'cook'
And as I had the dyes out, I have dyed one of my skirts.  I had only worn it for about an hour, when I went into my playroom and some black ink jumped onto it, all by itself!  As it didn't wash out, I bleached it and success, the ink had gone. Show you the results tomorrow.


Jill said...

Must try some sun printing. Love your colours. It is usually bleach that finds itself on my new clothes!

Micki said...

We've had tons of sunny days, but I never thought to do any sun printing. Maybe I should.

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