Tuesday, 9 August 2011

5 sleeps

Have had a lovely time in Dorset and at my mothers.  I have not been doing any stitching, as I am trying to think about my next project.  Instead I have been doing a lot of research-reading and on the Internet and taken up knitting again. I cant just sit still and not do nothing.  In fact I have almost finished it!! A photo of it very soon.
On Thursday, I have a YE meeting with Libby and all the other helpers to plan next year.  We are meeting at the Blue Egg, very near a patchwork  fabric shop not to self- I DO NOT NEED any more fabric!
On Saturday I am off to the NEC, FOQ.  Let me know if you have a quilt on display, so that I can look out for it please.


dianehobbit said...

I'm going on Fri and I can't wait. Wish I was going or to days, maybe next year.

Purple Missus said...

I shall be there on Saturday too and I'll get the organisers to give out a warning call on the loud speaker system if you're spotted trying to buy more fabric. **LOL**
Have a great day.

Julie said...

I'll be there Saturday too. I'm stewarding on the Contemporary Quilt stand from 11 to 12. I have a quilt in the show. I think it's number 330, you can't miss it, it's turquoise and about St Ives, where else? lol