Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Springfield Quilters

As I was late home from work today, I had very little time to sort out my requirements for our meeting tonight with guest Annette Morgan, so left my 'play room' in a bit of a state (understatement!). Annette demonstrated how to make a little house block which could then be made into a small wall hanging by putting four blocks together. As there was then very little time left for sewing a block she gave us tips on applique and answered any other quilting questions we had. We were then able to look at some samples of her work.
When I got home I HAD to tidy my room, putting away all the fabric that I had just thrown on the floor in my haste to be ready on time. (If my daughter had gone out leaving her room in this mess I would not have been happy!) When I had run out of storage space for my fabrics in my room, my husband bought this packing case home from work. I know fabric should not be in contact with wood, but as I have nothing else big enough I will have to take the chance that it does not spoil them. My fabrics that I dye are kept in another large box, though not one made of wood.
It is hard to believe that I had sorted out a lot of my fabrics and donated them to a group of ladies who make quilts for sick children in Basildon Hospital not very long ago.
As I dye all my fabrics now, I had got rid of the many fat quarters that every quilter buys when she starts to learn. Tidying the 'few' that I had kept bought back memories of the many shops and quilt shows that I have visited since I started this hobby in 2002.

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