Sunday, 21 September 2008

Embroiderer's Guild workshop

Yesterday I went to an Embroiderer's Guild workshop with Mary Crehan, 'Darning with a Difference'. Mary is a member of TAGS and uses architecture, stone carvings found on Neolithic sites as well as the Irish landscape. Mary bought some of her work to talkabout and inspire us as well as images that we could use for our own 'inspirations'.

Mary soon had us weaving on our frames, not all of us using stones as our source of inspiration. Mary kept us entertained with her stories of her trip 'Down Under' with Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn and her life. To give our eyes and back a break we stopped several times to walk round the room to see each others work and how they were interpreting their design.

This is my piece of work so far, (based on an image of a rock) I was out partying last night so haven't had a chance to do more. OH! to be a lady of leisure, as I came back from the workshop with my head buzzing with ideas of how I could use this technique. What a great workshop!!!!! Pity you had to babysit Nickie!

Today I had to go to Craft Arena to get another reel of thread (I fancy doing something with the colour peacock blue, when I have finished my wall hanging) Denise stocks some of the Hemingworth threads and I love them. They sew beautifully, the plastic cover that keeps out the dust and stops the reel unravelling. My ambition is to have one of every colour- I have got a long way to go as they have 300 colours!

My collection so far!

As I had to do some shopping for school at Tesco's yesterday, I picked up one of their free catalogues to 'Maggie Grey' it,I'm now off to get the Stanley Knife!

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vintagerockchick said...

Hi Sharne - thanks for your comments - I am such a newbie at this blogging I didn't think anyone would read it! And your right about Art Van Go - but most of my wages do seem to go back in the till!
I am going to get Maggie's new book too (have got all the others!) so must get myself a catalogue and start slashing.