Wednesday, 27 August 2008

This is where I spent the previous weekend- Belstead on the Embroiderer's Guild summer school. I was very lucky to be on the course of my choice- Gwen Hedley. We cut and stitched paper/fabric to make an organic background. With one of these backgrounds, windows were cut so that interesting bits could be suspended,or threads could be woven. Other ideas were given to us to on how to add maps, stamps, shells etc. We were asked to take memorabilia with us, so I took items from my holiday to New Zealand. I used Model Magic to make the face, using a wooden carving I bought back from Rotorua as the mould. Rather than a message in a glass bottle, I have put a photograph of the three of us instead.
Belstead is a place that I can recommend- good food, wonderful atmosphere, helpful staff and best of all, no washing up or telephones!

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