Sunday, 31 August 2008

A day with Arty (a.k.a Helen)

My husband has bought me a new camera(a slightly used one)- a Fuji FinePix for my birthday(not until October, but allowed to have it early), but it had so many buttons I have been afraid to use it. When Arty came to School House Arts for the 'Big Bag Workshop' it was arranged that she would give the four of us a day of her time learning to use our camera's. This was my chance to get it out of the box and switch it on! I learnt about setting the camera using bracketing and white light. We then used light tents to take pics of our work. Oh Boy! Some of the pictures turned out quite well. I obviously need more practice as some were blurred. We then had a quick lesson on Photoshop, this I have not tried out on any of my photo's yet. Maybe later today (In my dreams, as we are painting the kitchen) I hope to find some 'ME' time.

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Gina said...

Hi Sharne,
Welcome to blogging! It's looking good so far. I always get excited when I discover people I know have blogs. Good luck with the cookie recipe - I've just eaten one with my afternoon cuppa!