Friday, 19 May 2017

Just a short post I am afraid.

 At last, as promised the photos of my 'Captain Sparrow' played by Johnny Depp.( I don't like the films, they scare me!)  I had so much fun making all the different components that had to go on his belt.  I had some help from my husband though with the compass and sword.  I am lucky that he makes models and used to working in a small scale.

I forgot about this little bunny I also made last month as part of my decorations for Easter.  I am fairly new to amigurume, this is my third creature. I got the pattern from a magazine.

This month is getting quite busy. In the Easter break, I was able to work quite a fair bit on my 'Jester' doll that I am doing on a workshop with Ray Slater at Birds in the Barn. Lesson 2 was on Sunday and as yet I have not put another stitch to the work. The challenge I set myself to make a fairy every month will most probably stop after this month. I have been so inspired by Ray's workshop that I now have several more dolls that I want to make apart from the two I hope to do in my summer holiday.
The final few weeks of term are going to be very hectic, Reports, school trip away, stock ordering and this year, instead of costumes I am doing props and being the stage manager for our annual school production- Oliver.  It might be a bit quiet here.

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