Monday, 8 April 2013


On  Saturday, Nickie, Diane and myself set off for Ramster, couldn't have chosen a better day, weather wise.  We have heard a lot of people talking  about the bi-annual textile exhibition that is held there over the years, but for some reason, never went there. We wont be missing it again.  There was such wonderful work to see, I would be hard pressed to choose a favourite,but, there was a lot I would have liked to see on my walls at home.
This is the one of the  two rooms that had the work in, the other was a huge room.  What a beautiful venue!  I wont post any photos of the work I saw as it would be unfair to the creators to do so without their permission.  The exhibition finishes this week, and if you can get there, you wont regret the journey.
After lunch, we had a lovely walk around the grounds,( I have posted more pictures on my Facebook page)  I just love the reflections of trees on water!

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Lin said...

What a stunning ceiling and a beautiful setting for an exhibition. The grounds look super too. Where is Ramster?