Sunday, 15 July 2012


It was the final meeting of the year yesterday, so we all had to take a small present for a Secret Santa and some party food.
 I drew Sue's name out of the hat last meeting, and as she is doing work based on the beach/sea, I bought her some beads to use in her work.  The beads looked so small and insignificant, that I decided to make them look a bit more exciting.  First of all I found a tiny plastic bucket, added a variety of seashells, a couple of silver charms and of course the beads.
I made 2 large tags joined together with another contrasting piece of card to make an tent shape, embellished with a mini windmill and lollipop.  Unfortunately, Sue couldn't make it yesterday, as she had been doing some housework and had a nasty fall ( good reason I reckon not to do any)
 I made Very Berry Tiramasu for the party lunch.
My Secret Santa, was beautifully wrapped in fabric with contrasting ribbon, inside  lots of lovely beads and some threads.
 We did do some work- as our next exhibition is 7 months away, and with Christmas  in that time, we were given the chance to work on our own work.  Lynda showing Nickie her work
Nickie showing the group that there is some stitch on Lynda's work-LOL!!
Nickie wont be getting much sleep she reckons, if she is to finish her quilt in time.
Margaret working on a sample, deep in thought.  Me- well, I have a lot of work to do on my project, I am busy making feathers at the moment, 21 nearly finished, 7 more to go.

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