Sunday, 25 March 2012

Spring Goddess.

The adults involved with our YE group all had to make a 'doll' for yesterdays meeting.  After lots of searching on the Internet and going through my books, and finding that all the patterns would take far too long for the girls to finish in a session .  I needed to find something that was quick and suitable for a wide range of ages
In the end I decided to re-use a pattern that I have had several years, used a zingy green felt and embellished it with pastel coloured sequins so that she could represent Spring.  Blanket stitched round washers and did theedges a'la Kemshall. Just need to find somewhere to hang her.


dianehobbit said...

She looks great. Hope you took some pictures of the YE dolls.

Jill said...

Now that's clever, and she's obviously having an effect on the weather this week. Perhaps you could try a night-time rain goddess next!