Tuesday, 19 July 2011

 At our EG meeting last night, I bought these threads and fabric.  Although I normally dye my own material, I bought this bundle of fabric as it contains vegetarian silk- something I have never heard of.
 Kezzy has been in my playroom.  She has been making some wall art for her room.
 She found the words in Hobbycraft- two coats of black arcylic paint and gemstones to co-ordinate with her new bedroom colours.
My daughter Sam, came round for lunch with my grandson Zach.  He loves to make and stick like his bigbrother Josh.  He enjoyed rummaging in my bead and button boxes looking for interesting bits to use in his next project.


Rasselas said...

great photos. thanks for sharing. [lease visit me at http://perrythepastor.blogspot.com/

dianehobbit said...

Competition in your work room now!

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